Call for Applied Research State grants 2018

14 August 2018

Shota Rustaveli National Science Foundation of Georgia announces the Call for Applied Research State grants 2018.


Call title


Call for Applied Research State grants 2018


Call abbreviation




Call goals:


Goal of the state grant call for the Applied Research (hereinafter referred to as “the grant call”) is to support:


  1. a) Further development of the applied and technological scientific research;
  2. b) Development of the long-term innovative and technological applied research projects in science, technology, engineering, mathematics, medical and health sciences, and agricultural sciences of the Georgian Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) with international partners and non-scientific sector (private sector – small and medium enterprises, non-governmental organizations, public sector);
  3. c) Providing Technology and innovation transfer reflecting on the social and economic challenges of the State;
  4. d) Funding the significant research projects through the open competition;
  5. e) Implementation of the technology transfer-oriented projects with the commercialization perspective;
  6. f) Identifying and supporting innovation researches with the high technological outcomes on the local or/and international market, reflecting on the existed problems in development of New Technologies;


Project proposal type – institutional


Basic terms and conditions of the call:


Projects in the three categories will be funded under the call:


  • 1st category – pilot grant for supporting the technology transfer for organization(s);
  • 2nd category – grant for innovative research and technological development for consortium;
  • 3rd category – proof of research concept: grant for infrastructure, training and cluster development for consortium;


Duration of the project can be 2, 3 or 4 years, and the duration of reporting period is defined as 1 year (12 months).


Requested budget from the foundation for one organization should not exceed 140 000 GEL per year and 420 000 GEL per consortium.


  • The grant budget can include the following categories of expenditure:
  • The sum of monthly amounts of funding the key personnel and supporting personnel should not exceed 50 % of the requested budget from SRNSFG;
  • Overhead costs - total amount of the overhead costs for host and co-participant organizations should not exceed 7 % of the requested budget from SRNSFG.


Grant call includes three stages:


  • First stage – submitting the concept of the project proposal;
  • Second stage – submitting the project;
  • Third stage – presentation of the project to the commission. 


The grant call calendar:


  • July 24, July 26, August 7 – group consultations (information days);
  • August 14 – deadline for sending the questions;
  • July 13 – July 20 (16:00) – registration of the concepts at the first stage of the grant call;
  • August 21 (16:00) – deadline for submitting the statement on participation at the SRNSFG office;
  • October – results of the first stage of the grant call;
  • October 12, 18 – group consultations (information day);
  • October 22 – deadline for sending the questions;
  • October 10 – October 28 (16:00) – registration of the full proposals in GMUS;
  • October 29 (16:00) – submitting the statement on participation at the SRNSFG office;
  • November – interim results of the second stage of the grant call – information on rejected projects at the second stage;
  • November – evaluation by the experts/group of experts of the full proposals submitted at the second stage of the grant call;
  • November – results of the second stage of the call, information about the selected projects for the third stage;
  • December – presenting the projects to the commission;
  • December, 2018 – results of the evaluation by experts/group of experts and commission; providing the three ranking lists according to the project categories and revealing selected projects for funding;
  • December, 2018 – approving the final list of selected projects for funding by the Director General and announcement of the results;
  • December 2018 – Signing the grant agreement.


Call regulatory documents:


Documents and annexes required for the Project:

  • Terms and conditions of the call – annex 1
  • terms and conditions of the call - Consolidated version (29.10.2018)
  • Concept of the project proposal – annex 2 (GEO/ENG, PDF format)
  • Invention disclosure form – annex 3 (GEO/ENG)
  • Statement of participation on the first stage – annex 4
  • Cover page (general information) of the project – sample, annex 5 (GEO/ENG)
  • Project proposal – annex 6 (GEO/ENG)
  • CVs of the key personnel – sample, annex 7
  • Project timeframe – sample, annex 8
  • Project budget and budget justification – sample, annex 9 (GEO/ENG)
  • Letter of co-funding (if applicable) – annex 10, (GEO/ENG)
  • Letter of support on providing access to the research infrastructure (if applicable) – annex 11 (GEO/ENG)


Electronic registration links:

The Grants Management Unified System (GMUS) – for project registration (link)

Instruction for electronic registration (link)

Submitting the invention disclosure form to the-electronic system of the National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia – SAKPATENTI (link)

Instruction to the invention disclosure of SAKPATENTI (link)


Important information for applicants:


 In case of additional questions, do not hesitate to contact call coordinators:


Natalia Gverdtsiteli – 2 200 220 (4015)

Ana Polodashvili

Otar Gogiashvili

Giorgi Bagashvili

Ketevan Gabitashvili

Contact information: