The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for EU Policy Transposition - EUPOLTRANS, Kick-Off Event

6 May 2022

On May 5, Caucasus University hosted the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for EU Policy Transposition (EUPOLTRANS) project kick-off event.


The President of the Caucasus University, Mr. Kakha Shengelia, the Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia, H.E. Carl Hartzell, the Director of the Department of European Integration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia, Mr. Zurab Khamashuridze and the Education Expert, former National Erasmus Office Head (2009-2021), Ms. Lika Ghlonti addressed the audience.


Ambassador of the European Union to Georgia outlined the special importance of the project, considering the fact that Georgia has recently formally applied for EU membership.


The dean of the Caucasus School of Governance, Ms. Eka Akobia summarized the goals of the project and planned activities. She noted that the duration of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for EU Policy Transposition (EUPOLTRANS) is three years and it aims to promote teaching, research and policy debates in EU specific policies like - environment, consumer protection, competition policy, labor, public administration, foreign and security policy. These policy directions are covered by the AA/DCFTA and are due to be transposed in 2022-2024 in Georgia. By promoting teaching and research EUPOLTRANS will encourage higher citizens’ participation in spreading EU policies and values and assess the process, deficit, delay and convergence of Georgia with EU policies covered by the AA/DCFTA, contributing to a more effective, inclusive and knowledge-based AA implementation process. Over the course of three years (2022-2024) EUPOLTRANS will accomplish following tasks:


  • Develop teaching package for the course – “EU Policies’ Transposition in Georgia”, including 8 modules to be taught via six rounds of trainings in Tbilisi and regions.
  • Develop MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) accessible for the wider society.
  • Micro-credential the course “EU Policy Transposition in Georgia” into a flexible, inclusive form of delivering specific knowledge to those citizens who cannot undertake full-time studies.
  • Develop discussion briefs.
  • Prepare seven research papers.
  • Hold three rounds of policy roundtables on policy transposition.
  • Conduct interviews with relevant EU experts.


In a second part of the event, researchers involved in the project presented their role in teaching, research and public discussions within the project.


The event was attended by around 50 representatives of civil society and public sector and the students of the Caucasus University. The event was also widely covered by the media.


“The Jean Monnet Center of Excellence for EU Policy Transposition EUPOLTRANS” (2022-2024) is a first Center of Excellence grant for Georgia and the entire South Caucasus region. This project highlights the accumulated experience and achievements of the Caucasus University in EU teaching and research.