3 September 2018

Within the framework of AESOP (Advocacy Establishment for Students through Ombudsman Position) and in cooperation with European partners, the Ombudsmen’s Office was set up at Caucasus University the aim of which is to give consultation and aid to the students, protect their rights, reveal cases of violation of the students’ rights and find amends. The office is headed by an associate Professor of Caucasus University – Ms. Salome Kuchukhidze.


The responsibilities of the Ombudsmen include: meeting with students, listening to their grievances, giving recommendation, introducing students to their rights and responsibilities and update the University President on the problems revealed; submit appropriate reports and recommendations.


The Ombudsmen’s consulting rights and responsibilities are as follows:


  • Financial regulations
  • Ethical norms
  • The University structure and the department’s functions
  • The University mission, internal grants and programs, internal mobility and exchange programs
  • Georgian Law on higher education
  • Students’ rights and responsibilities, termination and suspension of the student’s status, accumulating and transferring credits


The Ombudsmen is entitled to request from an appropriate University department or an office normative acts and guidelines, the regulations on the student’s status and information on changes made to them.


The Ombudsmen’s office is located at the following legal address of Caucasus University: N1 P. Saakadze st, Room D4.