Informational Meeting for University Academia in the Framework of Project HERD

23 June 2021


On June 21, 2021 an informational meeting was held at Caucasus University in the frameworks of Erasmus plus CBHE project „Raising Research Capacity of Georgian HEIs through Developing R&D Units / HERD“. The meeting was attended by the affiliated academic personal and PhD students.


The project aims to upgrade the research capacity of Georgian universities through developing the R&D units within the target universities. In order to achieve this aim, the following objectives are establishing a joint research platform that would facilitate the planning, implementation and evaluation of research activities in the target universities. Moreover, it aims to create an Online Georgian Research Portal that will display the state-of-the art information on the activities, human resources and infrastructure of the academic institutions in Georgia, to upgrade the research management and data analysis skills of university administrative personnel for producing high quality research management, analyzing institutional research data and providing ground for further forecasting and strategic planning and finally, to enhance the capacity of the target universities in respect to research transfer and university-industry collaboration.