Luis Arrufat's lecture - Gastronomic trends in the sweet world

8 February 2023

On February 8, Luis Arrufat delivered a lecture at the Caucasus University bookstore "Librarea" as part of the "Gastronomic Bootcamp" project.


The professor of the Basque Culinary Center gave a lecture on the topic: gastronomic trends in the sweet world. Participants of the "Gastronomic Bootcamp" project attended the event.


At the end of the meeting, certificates were given to the participants of the "Chef Fair" held within the framework of the project.


Caucasus University is implementing the "Gastronomic Bootcamp" project in collaboration with the USAID Industry-led Skills Development program, the Basque Culinary Center, and the Gastronomic Tourism Business Association.


The project has been ongoing since the summer of 2022 and was carried out in three stages. 32 active chefs, amateurs or people interested in gastronomy took part in it.