Online Study visit in the framework of project E-Fix

21 May 2021


On May 18, an online study visit took place in the framework of the E-FIX Project between Georgian Leasing Company and ACBA leasing from Armenia. The study event was organized by Caucasus University. 


Project partners from Armenia and Georgia shared information on implemented pilot projects and presented case studies on Green House and construction machinery projects to stakeholders. Partners and stakeholders discussed the main findings and outcome of the pilot campaign.


In the framework of E-FIX, project stakeholders will be addressed in different target groups. Capacity building trainings will concentrate on intermediary stakeholder groups with multiplication potential both from the public and private sectors, while activities aiming at a strategic anchoring of the E-FIX approach will address policy makers and public authorities. The project will as well disseminate its results to potential implementers of E-FIX financing campaigns, i.e. project developers from the business/industry sector, energy providers and public institutes at the municipal level.