Online webinar was held in Armenia related to Erasmus Plus 2021-2027 Program

11 January




On April 8-9, 2021, the online webinars on the Erasmus+ 2021-2027 program were held in Armenia.


The National Erasmus Office of Armenia invited Ms. Ekaterine Kardava and Ms. Irina Kurdadze (Professor of Tbilisi State University) from Georgia to share Georgian experience in the field of Jean Monnet Activities.


On April 9, Prof. Ekaterine Kardava presented 3 activities of two universities, namely the Jean Monnet projects of the Caucasus university, namely - Legal Face of the EU / LFEU (coordinator Sophio Shengelia) and the Triangle Effect of European Studies at Schools/TEESS (coordinator Guranda Chelidze) and Gori State Teaching University  Jean Monet Module " EU Explored in  Association Agreement"/ EUEAA (coordinator Ekaterine Kardava). Particular attention was paid to the criteria for determining the success of projects.


The meeting was attended by Erasmus National Offices of Eastern Partnership countries, as well as representatives of various universities in Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.


See the presentation for more information.