The Robert Bosch Stiftung (RBSG) and German Marshall Fund (BST)

9 September 2019


The Robert Bosch Stiftung (RBSG) and the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation of the German Marshall Fund (BST) are continuing their joint funding initiative to support confidence building activities. This initiative is designed to encourage grantees to participate in the grant proposal contest.



The projects should be initiated by civil society organizations and Caucasus University is considered as a partner organization.


Projects working in the following areas would be especially appreciated:


  • approaches to build and/or strengthen local, regional and national capacities to promote coexistence and reintegration;
  • cross-border initiatives for youth;
  • approaches to civic education or active citizenship;
  • approaches to reconciliation and peace that incorporate experiences from history and convey them to the younger generation;
  • arts and cultural work to advance peace and reconciliation;
  • the role of media in overcoming stereotypes.



The average grant will be around 23,000 USD (about 18,000 EUR).



Interested organizations are invited to submit project proposals only from September 3, 2019 until October 18, 2019, at 18:00 in Bucharest, Romania (UTC+3:00).
The projects must be completed and reported to BST by July 2020. The maximum duration of the project should not exceed 6 months.



Project proposals must be submitted in English only, using the application and budget forms from BST’s webpage.



The grant proposal must be submitted on the following email:



For more information, please visit the organization webpage  or contact for additional consultation vie email: