23 September 2021

On September 20-23, Caucasus University within the framework of the project Media Dialogue hosted workshops and conference on the topic Media Dialogue 2021 on Conflict Sensitivity and Research. The project is conducting with the support of the German Federal Foreign Office, and is the fourth project in which the University has been participating since 2015.


On 23 September, the project finished with a final conference which opened the president of Caucasus University, Kakha Shengelia and project coordinator Wolfgang Ressmann.


The project Media Dialogue aims to intensify close cooperation with professional journalists, academics and students. Among the project member countries are Germany, Georgia, Belarus, the Ukraine, Moldova and Armenia.


Eka Akobaia, dean of Caucasus School of Governance and expert of international relations, and lecturer of Caucasus School of Media, journalist, Salome Ugulava delivered speeches at the conference. In addition to speakers from Eastern Partnership countries, who discussed ongoing armed and frozen conflicts and media systems.


At the conference Caucasus University students presented their products in the fields of media, politics and conflict (blogs, videos, etc.), which they worked on during three days with project partners. In the final part of the conference, students were awarded by certificates.


The next working meetings within the framework of the project are scheduled for September 24-27, in Armenia, Gyumri, in which the  students Revaz Chitanava, Tekla Zghudadze and Ani Meladze from Caucasus School Media and Caucasus School of Governance will take part.