"Strengthening the Quality and Relevance of the Third Mission in Georgian Universities" – Workshops

26 June 2021





Caucasus University is involved in the Erasmus + Institutional Cooperation (CBHE) project - "Strengthening the Quality and Relevance of the Third Mission in Georgian Universities". The aim of the project is to strengthen the role of universities in the third mission and, in addition to performing fundamental functions (teaching-learning, research), to carry out other activities that have a positive impact on society and thus contribute to the development of society.


On behalf of Caucasus University, the project is attended by Dr. Kakha Shengelia, President of Caucasus University, Boris (Buba) Lezhava, Vice President for Research and Strategic Development, representatives of the Department of Strategic Development and the Department of International Relations and Projects.


In connection with the third mission project, the Department of Strategic Development held group and individual workshops with the heads of the university's structural units: Deans of all ten schools, Director of the Marketing and Public Relations Department, Head of the Entrepreneurship Development Center, Chief Financial Officer, Director of the Research Support Office And representatives of the training center. At the meetings, the Strategic Development Department explained the essence of the third mission, discussed the current project and its importance. The invited guests spoke about the planned and already ongoing projects by their structural unit within the third mission. As a result of the meetings, the pre-mapping chart of the activities of the third mission of the University was created and the activities planned to be piloted during the project were identified. The meetings significantly contribute to the relevance and improvement of the third mission of Caucasus University.


The project of the third mission includes, together with Caucasus University, seven Georgian and three European universities, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia, the National Center for Education Quality Development and the International Accreditation Council EFMD (Belgium).