Capacity Building Training For E-FIX Ambassadors

21 September 2019


On September 20th Caucasus University hosted the Capacity Building Training for E-FIX Project Ambassadors in the frame of Horizon 2020 program. The training was delivered by the professors of Caucasus University and energy sector experts.


The sessions were divided into two stages. The first part of the training was dedicated to theoretical information, such as: sharing detailed information about the project mission and aims, the roles and responsibilities of the ambassadors , the presentations about Energy Efficiency and why is it important for business, Leasing and financial Modules and benefit of new E-leasing product launched in the frame of E- FIX project etc.


The final stage of the training was based on practical activities, including group work and discussion of different Case Studies. During the sessions the participants were highly interactive in terms of asking questions and sharing their experiences.

The training was held for up to thirty ambassadors representing different public and private organizations of the energy sector. The participants were provided with printed materials about the energy efficiency and project itself.