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Promoting European Union’s Cyber Education 


PEU-C-E - Promoting European Union’s Cyber Education is a joint Jean Monnet project developed by Business and Technology University and Caucasus University in Georgia which are the only universities concentrating on cybersecurity while also closely aligning with European Union’s values. The aim of the project is to share European experience in cyber education among students, teachers, parents, professors and decision makers with a goal to create safer internet for vulnerable young people.  


Wider goal: the goal of the project is to educate primary & secondary school children as well as university students, teachers, professors as well as decision makers in schools and universities regarding the European Union’s experience on threats of cyber space for kids and improve the level of competencies of schools and HEI in ensuring safer internet for children; The educators, in turn, will share their knowledge and skills with colleagues, and thereby contribute to a more inclusive and higher quality education in cybersecurity.  


Specific Objectives:  the project aims to achieve more responsible cybersecurity and data protection education aligned with EU directives and experiences through:


  • Developing workshop curricula for the cybersecurity event for educating teachers and HEI as well as school leaders utilizing European Union’s experience;
  • Developing event material, leaflets for kids to equip them with internet hygiene skills;
  • Subsequent adaptation of these material in schools and universities as part of mandatory workshop events; 
  • Subsequent adaptation of these curricula and courses to the respective local contexts and their unique patterns of diversity;
  • Development of multilingual online educational resources in order to make material available to everyone, especially to the most vulnerable groups further away from the center;
  • Raising awareness of all stakeholders to force streamlining processes to the European Union’s experience through the conference.


More information about the project can be seen on the following Official website https://www.peu-c-e.com/.