Workshop: "Upgrade of digital investigation, security and handling fake news - an international exchange" for journalists

5 November 2019

WECHANGE and taz Panter Foundation, located in Germany, Berlin, announce the launch of journalism workshop. Participants will meet local journalists and public stakeholders. They will get to know the German media landscape and exercise some techniques of conflict-sensitive journalism. Attendees will also gain an understanding of digital security.



Further information:
Program Dates: 
18th - 22nd   of November, 2019


Expenses including travel costs, hotel-accommodation in bedrooms (mostly shared by 2 persons) and most meals will be covered by WECHANGE. Participants should expect expenses of max.


50 € for personal needs.


Requirement for participation:

*Journalistic experience for at least 2 years in print-, online-, radio- or TV-outlets or as a blogger,

*Good knowledge of Russian and English to follow discussions,

*No former participation in workshops of Deutsche Welle or taz Panter Foundation,

*Valid biometric passport.


Application deadline: not later than on 13th of October 2019 23:59 (GMT +2 h)


If you are interested to apply please fill  this form.



In case of any questions regarding the application process please contact us via email


WECHANGE is a cooperative of visionaries, developers and volunteers with one goal: social transformation towards the more aware, sustainable and ecological world.


The taz Panter Foundation is closely linked to „die tageszeitung“ (taz), an independent daily

German newspaper (


This workshop is financially supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.