Enlighten Your Research

16 March 2018

The Eastern Partnership Union (EAP) is announcing a competition for scientific groups in science and technology.


The aim of the competition is to use e-resources to strengthen international cooperation between participants and to accelerate research processes.


Under the program, the Eastern Partnership Union brings together researchers trying to overcome the challenges in science and collaborate with different countries to conduct experiments supported by the National Research and Education Union.


To participate in the competition, please submit your research plan electronically by March 16, 2018.


The research plan should answer the following questions:


  • What is the main purpose of the research?
  • Do you want to collaborate with researchers from different countries?
  • At this point, what kind of technology resource are you using for your research?
  • What technology do you think you will be able to use in the future to accelerate research?


For more information, please visit the program's official website.


Good luck!