Youth project "I give you strength"

14 July 2020

Kant’s Academy and the global platform We Make Change, with the support of UNICEF, are launching the project "I Give You Strength", which aims to help adolescents cope with the consequences of COVID 19, empower them with knowledge to overcome stress with the synergy of crisis and opportunities; help them develop the ability to mobilize personal resources, motivate themselves and see opportunities and use them even in times of global crisis/pandemic.


The project consists of several phases, which include local and international speakers meeting with adolescents to touch on a variety of topics


✔ Coaching and stress management;

✔ Startups and Entrepreneurship - Modern Entrepreneurship;

✔ Branding and marketing - a synergy of crisis and opportunity;

✔ Leadership and Communications - How to Become a Change Maker;

✔ Technological transformation of artificial intelligence - limitless possibilities;

✔ Networking and bargaining power;

✔ Fake news;

✔ Peer to Peer;


After theoretical training, the project gives a unique chance to young people. They will be able to turn specific ideas into reality. At the end of the project, a small business start-up ideas competition will be announced for the participating young people, where the best idea will be selected by a special commission, and the winner will receive a relevant grant to implement his/ her idea. Kant’s Academy, in turn, takes responsibility for mentoring the winner on the way to implementing the idea.


If you are interested, please visit the link and fill out the online application.


If you have any questions, please contact the project coordinator: Ketevan Chitashvili +995591414533