Erasmus+ Financed Exchange Program “PEERS International Credit Mobility” for CU Academic Personnel

3 March 2021

The University of Minho, Portugal, along with the consortium partners (University of Aveiro and University of Evora), announces “Call” for applications for the “PEERS International Credit Mobility” financed exchange program. In order to implement the program, interested applicants can apply for three Universities according to the priority, for the 2021 Fall Semester or for Spring 2022 Semester mobilities and for the following academic programs:


Architecture, Business, Tourism, Education, History, Linguistics and Translation, International Law, Public Administration, Informatics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, International Relations, European Studies, Journalism, PR.


PEERS exchange program fully finances mobility for academic personnel for 1 week (5 working days+ 2 travel days). Allocated per-diem for the mobility is 160 EURO and inbound flight ticket reimbursement fee consists of 820 EURO. In total, the full amount of the scholarship consists of- 1940 EURO.


PEERS exchange program is open to full-time academic personnel of the Caucasus University (long-term contract), who has the experience of teaching in English language.


In order to participate in the program, interested applicants should submit the following documents in English language at the Minho online application portal:


  • CV (EUROPASS format);
  • Mobility Agreement (annex #1);
  • Motivation Letter;
  • Certificate/ Proof of the contractual relationship with CU;
  • Pre-Acceptance letter from the host faculty;
  • Proof of language skills (if required by the host University);



Please note, that the Mobility Agreement should be signed by the applicant, sending Institution (CU) and faculty of the receiving Institution as well. Mobility Agreement should be prepared separately for each University, applicant wishes to apply for the mobility.


Application should be submitted electronically until March 12, 2021 at the following link.


Before filling the application form, please carefully read through the Application Guide.


Received applications are selected by the University of Minho. Applicant will be

Informed regarding the selection results via email by the host University.