Scholarship program "Next Generation Digital Governance Microdegree"

31 July 2023

Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia is accepting applications for the scholarship program "Next Generation Digital Governance Microdegree" (01.09.2023-29.02.2024).


The program consists of two stages, starting with online learning and ending with a five-day winter school in Estonia.


The scholarship covers the following:


  • participation in the program;
  • access to materials;
  • Traveling to Estonia;
  • Accommodation;
  • Tallinn transportation card, etc.


To register, please visit the link and send a cover letter and resume to the following e-mail address:


Registration deadline: August 7, 2023.


For detailed information about the program, please visit the link.


Credit recognition is possible within the framework of the summer program. Please note that credits will only be recognized if course compatibility between the proposed courses and the subjects offered at Caucasus University is established. In case of selection, before departure, please contact the school administration for the course compatibility form. 


Good luck!