Summer Sessions 2021

29 March 2021

University of California, Berkeley is pleased to announce student admission to the Summer Sessions 2021 which will be held in the following sequence:


  • Session A-Six Weeks: May 24 - July 2
  • Session B -Ten Weeks: June 7 - August 13
  • Session C-Eight Weeks: June 21 - August 13
  • Session D-Six Weeks: July 6 - August 13
  • Session E-Three Weeks: July 26 - August 13
  • Session F-Three Weeks: July 6 - July 23
  • Session 12W-12 Weeks: May 24 - August 13


Students have the opportunity to register on their desired course listed above.

Regarding information on financial matters, please visit the link, as the cost of the session is calculated by the number of courses chosen by the student.


The applicant must submit the following documentation:

Please note that CU students are exempt from the International Service Fee, which is $ 400. In order to use the above mentioned benefits, it is necessary to list Caucasus University as a partner educational institution during the registration process.


For more information, please visit the program's official website and/or contact the coordinator at:


Please follow the link to find 2021 application tutorial video.

If you want to send in an application or if you get accepted into the program please notify the Department of International Relations and Projects via the following e-mail: