Participation Requirements

Requirements for participating in the program:


  • Students must have an International English Language Certificate (IELTS-6.0; TOEFL-78);
  • Students must have a current GPA of at least 3.0;
  • Bachelor’s degree students must have successfully completed the first academic year at Caucasus University;
  • Undergraduate, Master and Doctoral Level students should not be in the final semester of the program.

Students Eligible for participating in the program:


  • Undergraduate Level students of II, III or IV year of studies
  • Master level students of 2nd year of studies
  • Doctoral Level students of any year of studies 


Students are not eligible to participate in the program, if:


  • Student has “F” grade in the Transcript of Grades
  • Student has a financial debt
  • Student does not meet the participation eligibility criteria set by the International Relations and Projects Department and prescribed in the framework of the agreement
  • Students who have already been granted by the “Erasmus Mundus” or “Erasmus+” program at the same study level.