Kaunas University of Technology Representatives Visit Caucasus University

2 November 2021

On November 1, Caucasus University was visited by professors from Kaunas University of Technology, Audrius Lopata and Rimantas Butleris. The purpose of the visit was to develop joint projects to facilitate the internationalization of research.


During the visit, a work meeting was held with Shota Nizharadze, Dean of Caucasus School of Technology, Maxim Iavich, Head of Programs at the same school, and Irena Melua, Director of the Department of International Relations and Projects. At the meetings, the parties discussed the possibilities of deepening cooperation between universities.


Kaunas University of Technology is a partner of Caucasus University under the Erasmus + International Credit Mobility (ICM) program. The collaboration aims to mobilize administrative and academic staff between universities.