Orientation Presentations as part of a joint research project of George Washington University and Caucasus University

22 June 2022

Orientation presentations were held at Caucasus University on July 20-21 as part of a joint research project between George Washington University and Caucasus University.


The main topic of the presentations was the discussion of the challenges or opportunities in the field of tourism in Georgia, as well as the Kakheti region as one of the main facilities of tourism service of wine and gastronomy.


Presentations were made by representatives of the tourism industry and various industry associations, namely:


Tamar Kakhidze, Chief Specialist of the National Tourism Administration - Tourism Product and Small Infrastructure Development Division;


Badri Kvachadze - Tourism Statistics Division, Business Statistics Department, Georgian National Statistics Office - Geostat, Head of the Division;


Elene Papunashvili, Deputy Director of Kakheti Destination Management Organization;


Nino Kekelidze - Doctor of Business Administration, Professor, Head of the Education Committee, Representative of the Georgian Tourism Association;


Nana Robitashvili - Board Member, International Projects and Grants Manager;


Tamuna Churgulashvili - representative of the Georgian Gastronomy Association.


Caucasus University is hosting a group of George Washington University Tourism and Business Administration students, who are in Georgia for a two-week visit and will conduct field research in the Kakheti together with Caucasus Tourism School students.


As part of the research, students will conduct interviews with the main facilities of wine and gastronomy tourism services, as a result of the research, recommendations will be developed for: offering new products, improving quality, entering new markets, improving positioning and marketing efficiency.


The presentation of the results will be held at Caucasus University in Tbilisi for members of the tourism administration and other representatives of the tourism industry. The results of the research will be available to each interested person.


The project is implemented within the framework of a joint research project of Caucasus University, George Washington University and Georgian National Tourism Administration with the support of USAID Economic Security Program.