Final meeting of TechCamp at Caucasus University

18 February 2023

On February 16-18, Caucasus University hosted a TechCamp organized by the US State Department and the US Embassy in Georgia on the topic: Countering Disinformation Throughout the Caucasus.


During a series of workshops, participants were able to select their teams, with whom they would work on various issues over the next three days. Participants were also trained on the following topics in order to combat misinformation and promote media literacy:


  • Data Verificatio - Sanjin Ibrahimovic
  • Social Media Analytics- Photini Vrikki
  • Blogging/Podcasting - Niko Nergadze
  • Media Literacy in Education - George Jologua
  • Mobile Video for Social Media - Barbara Weidmann
  • Data Visualization - Irakili Chumburidze


At the conclusion of the TechCamps, each participant received a certificate of participation. Graduates also become members of the Alumni Network, which allows them to apply for grant funding.


Representatives from the US Embassy, Caucasus University, and TechCamp attended the TechCamp workshops. The goal of the aforementioned trainings was to assist participants in learning/discovering tools and concepts that are important in combating disinformation and promoting media literacy. 


TechCamps are hands-on, participant driven workshops that connect private sector technology experts with key populations to explore and apply innovative tech approaches to work on global issues. Also, TechCamp helps participants implement their projects after the workshop, acquire business connections with each other and with trainers or US State Department employees.


TechCamp started at the US State Department in 2010 and has since delivered more than 40 TechCamp workshops around the world, training more than 2,100 participants from more than 110 countries.  In 2019 TechCamp program has moved to the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs (ECA).