Success Story



Tamar Shikhashvili (CSB)


Rennes School of Business, France


,,This summer, I had a unique opportunity to participate in the international summer program at Rennes Business School focused on Sustainable Business Development.


Throughout the program, I gained an exceptional experience, both academically and personally. The international setting allowed me to connect with students from over 20 countries, fostering invaluable friendships that significantly enriched our discussions.


The diversity of opinions and cultural backgrounds not only enhanced my learning but also laid the groundwork for potential future collaborations.


Rennes, blending modernity with French charm, provided the perfect backdrop for my fondest memories. The city's vibrant streets, teeming with students, offered a daily lesson not only in sustainable business practices but also in appreciating cultural differences. French culture permeated every aspect, from the quaint bakery I frequented before morning lectures to the modern university auditoriums. Reflecting on these experiences and the friendships forged, I am immensely grateful for the best days of my life in a city that will always hold a special place in my heart.’’



Elene Giorgadze (CSB)

Rennes School of Business, France 


Participating in Rennes Business School's cultural management program was an extraordinary experience for me. The vibrant atmosphere, diverse group of participants, and engaging curriculum made my time in Rennes truly enriching.


I had the opportunity to learn from excellent professionals and meet people from different parts of the world. Informative lectures, interactive seminars and culture-filled teaching process not only enriched my knowledge but also broadened my vision.


I think all students who are looking for an enjoyable and transformative experience should take advantage of this opportunity.Exploring the city of Rennes and the rich Midi culture made our experience even more enjoyable.Thanks to Caucasus University and Rennes Business School for an adventure that was full of learning and unforgettable memories.




Nina Khubulia (CSB)


Rennes School of Business, France.


,,On June 6-16, I had the incredible opportunity to study Cross-Cultural Management at Rennes School of Business and I must say it has been an absolutely unforgettable experience!


Every day at Rennes Business School was filled with fascinating insights and eye-opening discussions. Learning about the nuances of managing diverse teams and understanding the intricacies of global business practices was both intellectually stimulating and personally rewarding.


From day one, I was surrounded by a diverse community of students hailing from all corners of the globe. The connections I made with these amazing individuals have not only enriched my understanding of different cultures but have also led to great friendships.


This amazing experience helped me a lot to get to know myself better and grow personally. I think that every student should use this opportunity, because they will make a lot of discoveries about themselves.


Many thanks to Caucasus University for giving me this chance.’’


    Tinatin Gagua (CSB)

    Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences


In 2020, I received the Erasmus + semester funding to study at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, I had to turn down this opportunity. But soon, I was lucky and the Department of International Relations and Projects offered a new program, which was conducted remotely at the Hochschule Darmstadt, a German university (5th International Winter University "International Marketing and Sales"). Of course, I did not miss this chance and spent the winter holidays very productively.

Colombia, USA, Japan, India, Malaysia, Georgia - these are just a few of the countries that have joined the project. In this multicultural environment, we listened to lectures and talked about the role of marketing with examples of different countries.
We toured University and Darmstadt, had interactive German language lectures and various activities that even in the present day, brought us closer to the representatives of different countries. Despite the distance, the lecturers were able to make the lecture process interactive and interesting.

International education and experience have played a huge role in my personal growth. The acquired knowledge showed me the impact of marketing on the current processes in the world today in more depth . I believe that such opportunities offered by Caucasus University are very important for our career advancement.


Lily Catholic University Online Summer School


Anders, Page, Aishu, Max, Catalina .... My Zoom Platform brings together young people from 8 different countries / states, religion, culture and age under one name "Lille Catholic University Summer Program". The online summer school program "Communication Française" offered students lots of exciting activities from Monday through Friday. We had classes from 15:00 to 18:00, which meant 4 hot summer weeks, 5 days a week and three hours a day, when my Indian, Polish, American, Italian, Belgian, British and Spanish friends and I wondered narrow streets of France and immersed in the delicious aroma of croissants ...


To be honest, my expectations for the online summer school did not go beyond improving the French language, I would have never imagined the program would involve making genuine, traditional French toasts and crepes, singing French songs, and going on virtual tours of the Louvre Museum in addition to refining and mastering our language skills.


Every Monday was started with new, interactive and exciting activities. For example, in the first week, each student had to make a presentation on one of the topics given. Presentations were held every day, inevitably followed by discussion in which the whole group participated. As the only representative of Georgia, I made a presentation on the common and distinctive features of French and Georgian culture, talked about clichés, stereotypes and traditions. My favorite part started at two o'clock when after lunch we all came back with our coffees in our hands (Mary as a real Brit, with her tea) and discussed various social issues in French. In the end, oh là là, we said goodbye to each other with the grammar and the French animation chosen by the professor. We had an oral exam on the last day of the 4th week, where we were assessed individually by the professor and given some very useful tips.


In short, the online summer school has made the stressful and difficult July more colorful, virtually diminishing all the boundaries among countries and continents and allowing me to make eight precious friends and gain invaluable knowledge.


Behind this success story is the staff and dean of Caucasus University, whose recommendation and my academic performance enabled Lily Catholic University to allow me to participate in the program free of charge.


Voilà, this is a brief history of my four-week online summer school. I now realize while writing theses lines, I have been smiling on end. I remember at the last lesson how we throw hats and Aishu and I shed tears. When remembering it a warming feeling fills my body, it must be traditional French drink "le vin rouge". Now, if you cannot find the La Piscine Museum or you would like to taste  French omelette, you know how to find me, because anything is possible today via Zoom, even sharing colorful macaroni and croissants and a cup of coffee.


- Sophio Sharadze