Tengiz Verulava's article was published in the ranked magazine "Archives Balkan Medical Union"

12 July 2023

The article "Hospital health care anti-crisis management issues in Georgia" by Caucasus University Professor Tengiz Verulava was published in the European international refereed journal "Archives Balkan Medical Union".


The journal Archives Balkan Medical Union" is indexed in the international scientific database of SCOPUS (Elsevier).


The article is about the readiness of hospitals for war conflicts in Georgia. Due to its geographical location, the South Caucasus and especially Georgia is considered a high-risk war conflict zone, which determines the need to have emergency hospital preparedness plans for disasters, so that hospitals can provide effective medical services in case of need. The study showed that the selected hospitals have the ability to optimally provide full perimeter monitoring during emergency situations. However, hospital participation in disaster response training and management exercises remains a problem.


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