Presentation of the 6th issue of "Healthcare Policy, Economics and Sociology"

14 June 2023

On June 13, the presentation of the 6th issue of the peer-reviewed international scientific journal "Healthcare Policy, Economics and Sociology" was held in the Caucasus University bookstore "Librarea".


It is important to note that the journal has switched to Open Journal Systems, therefore, the public will be able to view scientific articles published in the journal on its website.


The new issue and website of the journal were presented by Giorgi Makharashvili, the dean of the Caucasus University School of Medicine and Healthcare Management, and Tengiz Verulava, MD, the editor of the journal, Caucasus University professor.


The journal is bilingual. Its main goals are:


  • Promotion of scientific research in the directions of health policy, health economy and health sociology, raising the level of research and development, popularizing scientific achievements;
  • To support young researchers and scientists in revealing their scientific abilities;
  • Providing an opportunity for specialists to express their opinions regarding current processes in the fields of politics, health economics and health sociology in the country and abroad.

The journal features the following authors and articles:


  • Strengthening the role of the European Union as an important actor of global health diplomacy - Ani Sikhuashvili, Mariam Berulava, Tengiz Verulava
  • Assessment of the Impact of Social Determinants on Abortion in Georgia - Mariam Zarnadze, Nata Kazakhashvili
  • Medicine Price Regulation Policy: Recommendations for Georgia - Tamar Azikuri, Tengiz Verulava
  • Distrust of the Covid-19 Vaccine: Barriers to the Decision to Vaccinate - Milord Shengelia
  • Development of Family Doctor System in Taiwan - Gulnara Abashidze
  • Ethnic Minorities and COVID-19 - Nino Kevkhishvili
  • Mothers' Perception and Emotional Attitude Towards Newborns with Congenital Malformations - Mariam Petriashvili
  • Pension Insurance Reform in Georgia - Tekle Kenteladze, Tinatin Lokhutashvili
  • Referential Pricing of Medicines in Moldova: Experience, Challenges - Diana Nemsadze
  • Global Budgeting of Hospitals: Impact on Costs, Volume and Quality - Irina Metonidze
  • Pandemic Caused by Covid-19 and Mental Health - Maia Machavariani-Tsereteli
  • Lessons of the Oppressed - Nino Cherkezishvili
  • Early Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Small Endometriosis - Nugesha Grigalashvili


The journal is published by Caucasus University.


See the link to issue 6 of the journal.