Tengiz Verulava's book "Health Care Policy" was released

13 October 2023

A new book "Health Care Policy" was recently published. The author of the book is Tengiz Verulava, doctor of medical sciences, professor of Caucasus University.


The book is intended for specialists in healthcare policy, healthcare administration and healthcare economists, as well as for general readers interested in issues of healthcare.


This book serves as a valuable resource for educators and students engaged in academic programs related to health care management and public healthcare.


It was developed in partnership with Caucasus University and contributes to the university's resources in the field of healthcare management and public healthcare.


Furthermore, the book was made possible through an internal university research project, supported by Caucasus University.




The book discusses the main issues of health care policy, the functions and goals of the health care system, the mechanisms of health care financing, financial and non-financial barriers affecting the availability of medical services, health care costs and mechanisms to restrain its growth, organizational forms of medical services (primary health care, hospital services, long-term medical services), disease prevention, quality of medical services, features of social health insurance development, the Beveridge model, mixed model, medical savings deposit systems, stages of reforming the health care system of Georgia.