"Why the European Union?" European Values of Employment Policy”

18 May 2023

On May 15, a public lecture "Why the European Union?" European Values of Employment Policy" was held in the Caucasus University bookstore "Librarea". The lecture was led by Tengiz Verulava, professor of Caucasus University, doctor of medicine, head of Public Health Care and Health Care Management Bachelor's and Master's Programs.


The EU employment policy perceives unemployment not as an individual but as a structural problem, according to which state intervention in the labor market is necessary to eliminate unemployment and ensure fair compensation for employees. The state implements an active employment policy.  Through education and training programs, the state encourages the workforce to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary for employment.


This, in turn, allows adaptation to changes in the structure of demand in the labor market. Individuals left outside the labor market are provided by the state with various types of benefits (eg: unemployment insurance, social assistance), thereby helping to maintain their well-being.


The lecture was held in interactive mode. Students received answers to questions of interest to them.