Dean's Welcome

Welcome to Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Studies, which I believe will become a strong foundation for your future success.


Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences has existed since 2009 and currently combines six undergraduate and two graduate programs. The school programs currently enroll more than 1,000 students, whose education is cared for by a number of highly qualified, practicing field specialists or world-renowned scientists.


High level of education is the main asset of our school. We strongly believe a successful future of the country depends on an educated generation with democratic values and sense of self-fulfillment. The school offers dynamic, student-oriented educational environment. We have been trying to equip our students with a modern and widely-applicable knowledge with the help of which they can establish themselves in professional environment where fast growing competition goes beyond national borders and acquires international character. Our educational programs take into account experience of the world’s leading Universities and are based on the most modern achievements in Humanitarian sciences. Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Studies has a wide web of international relations with a number of Universities worldwide. Within the partnership projects our students are involved in numerous exchange programs, which significantly contributes to their future successful career as well as to their personal growth.

The educational process at the University is highly interactive and creative, which means students are actively involved in the academic process. Along with traditional methods of education the school applies innovative methods – discussions and debates, teamwork, case studies, role play and situational games. The knowledge obtained through such methods is deep and allows student to develop skills for communicating with scientific audience, expressing their ideas, putting forward arguments, respecting other’s ideas and acquiring team-working skills, which in the long-run will help them become professionals of their spheres.

In the end I’d like to mention that the school has been successful in creating such an atmosphere which helps students realize their goals and ambitions. Therefore, I believe the choice you have made in favor of Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Studies will live up to your expectations and the acquired knowledge will become  foundation stone of your successful career and personal life.


David Natroshvili

Dean of Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences