„European Association Process in Georgia“ - An online presentation of the textbook

1 June 2021

On May 27, Caucasus University's Erasmus + Jean Monnet project “Triangle Effect of European Studies at Schools” (TEESS) in cooperation with the Teachers Professional Development Center of Georgia (TPDC) hosted an online presentation of the textbook “European Association Process in Georgia”. The presentation was attended by teacher’s ethnic minority and IDP regions together with other teachers from different schools of Georgia. 


On the presentation, the authors of the textbook spoke about the importance of teaching European integration and association process in schools. Teachers were given the opportunity to learn about the structure and content of the textbook, specific learning activities that can be used to teach European association processes. Teachers participating in the presentation were sent e-versions of the textbook in Georgian, Armenian, Azerbaijani and English.  A video of the presentation was posted on the TPDC Facebook page.