Meeting at the Ministry of Education and Science

27 October 2021

On October 27, within the framework of the Erasmus+ jean Monnet Project "Triangle Effect of European Studies" TEESS  at the Ministry of Education and Science was held a meeting. The meeting summed up the two-year cooperation with the project, talked about the project results, positive aspects, existing problems and the importance of continuity of project results. The Ministry of Education and Science positively assessed the work done and once again expressed readiness to support the implementation of similar projects. Due to the epidemic situation in Georgia today, the number of people participating in the meeting was limited. The meeting was attended by Guranda Chelidze, Coordinator of the TEESS at Caucasus University, and Mariam Ruadze, International Project Manager at Caucasus University. In dialogue mode, the Ministry was represented by Mariam Chikobava, Deputy Head of the Department of Preschool and General Education, Keti (Dinara) Chkhobadze, Head of the National Curriculum and Resource Development Division, and Nikoloz Silagadze, National Curriculum Development Coordinator.