Georgian Philology educational program includes 240 ECTS credits, 60 ECTS credits per year, 30 ECTS credits per semester. Consequently, the duration of the Bachelor's program is 4 years.


After expiration of the term of Georgian philological bachelor's educational program, a student with academic debt is entitled to continue studying for additional semesters (no more than 4 semesters) in order to complete the educational program with retaining student status.


The Georgian Philological Bachelor's Educational Program includes 240 ECTS credits in total, including 190 ECTS credits for compulsory subjects, including 25 credits - general university and school compulsory subjects, 20 ECTS credits - English language, 145 ECTS credits – field-related and professional compulsory subjects. The remaining 50 ECTS credits should be accumulated as optional credits that can be selected from 125 ECTS credits.


Within the 240 ECTS credits envisaged by the curriculum, the students can also acquire 20 ECTS credits as free credit (at the expense of replacing subjects with the optional status).


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