2012 year

Project: ,,Strategic Planning for the Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Integrity Innovation Network (IIN)’’.


Project Objectives:

  • Relate research activities of higher education institutions in Europe and Central Asia to real market demands


Introduce a research-oriented learning process


Participants: 16 universities, research institutes and research centers.


Project: "Training of Georgian Experts for the Commercialization of Innovative Technologies by the Specialists of the Tallinn University of Technology and the Establishment of a Business Incubator". 


Aim of the project: To share the experience of Tallinn University of Technology, Tallinn Technopol, Tartu University and Tartus Science Park in order to establish a business incubator in Georgia.

Project: "Perspectives of Integration into the European Space of the South Caucasus Region in the 21st Century".


Aims of the project: to organize an international student scientific conference, to bring together students from the South Caucasus and the European Union, to develop joint projects, to discuss their ideas and scientific approaches.


The project was implemented on May 5-6, 2012 in the hotel "Bazaleti" with the support of Tbilisi City Hall.