Caucasus University Announces Call for Students Extracurricular Skills Development Supporting Initiatives Funding / Co-funding

27 May 2020

Caucasus University announces call for Students Extracurricular Skills Development Supporting Initiatives Funding / Co-funding.


Caucasus University students can receive funding for educational, research and / or practical skills development activities at the international and / or local level, in particular:


  1. a) Participation in a local/international scientific conference and paper presentation;
  2. b) Oral speech / poster presentation in professional scientific events;
  3. c) Paper Preparation and publication in a professional and/or scientific journal;
  4. d) Financial support for participation in international modeling (including mock trials);
  5. e) Participation in international or/and local professional competitions.


Applications can be submitted by student/group of students of all three educational levels with active status, who meet the following requirements:


  1. a) The cumulative GPA of each participant is not less than 2.5;
  2. b) Each participant has not been subjected to any form of disciplinary liability.


The requested funding may include the cost of participation on students or students mentor /trainer/attendant who is an academic /administrative staff of Caucasus University.


The upper limit of the budget required under one project is 5,000 GEL.


Application by the student/group of students can be submitted electronically to the relevant school at least two months before the start of relevant activity.