International Conference „The Changing Political-Economic and Technological Landscape and Its’ Effect on Countries Competitiveness"

12 July 2019

On July 12-13 Caucasus University will host international scientific conference „The Changing Political-Economic and Technological Landscape and Its’ Effect on Countries Competitiveness”.


In metamodernism era,  while globalization seems to be an obvious trend in economics, politics and culture, ongoing social transformation becomes less predictable, as transition process does not depend only on institutions’ character, but also on how those structures and processes are perceived by individual agents and social groups. When social agents participate in the process, they affect not only political-economical landscape, but are affected by their own interpretations. Social constructivism becomes the most parsimonious theory to address challenges of modern society in terms of political, economical, technological transformation. It is the role of social scientists to observe, interpret and evaluate political, economic and technological challenges, especially in transitional societies, where legal or illegal actors affect development process.


This conference aims to bring together works addressing modern social – economical and technological challenges. The event will gather a group of around 20 researchers working on related topics in order to facilitate the knowledge sharing and a better understanding of current environment. The organizers encourage theoretical, empirical or methodological papers on any aspects related to Political, Economical and Technological Development in Eastern Partnership countries and strive for a balance between established academics, early career scholars (PhD candidates) and practitioners.


Deadline for submitting the application form and abstract is May 31 2019 to following email address:


Applicants will be informed about decision by May 2019.


Deadline for authors to send their conference papers is July 1 2019.


Conference working language is English.