Caucasus Tourism School, announces a competition for the positions of Associate Professor and Assistant Professor

19 February 2024

The history of Caucasus University begins in 1998, with the creation of the Caucasus School of Business.


CU offers students high-level education, international programs, and practice-oriented learning. 


Since its foundation, Caucasus University has been cooperating with various universities of the world and currently has 200 partner universities from 54 countries.


CU campus with its infrastructure and modern equipment is one of the largest educational institutions both in Georgia and in the region as a whole.


Caucasus University consists of schools of business, law, media, technology, architecture and design, governance, humanities and social sciences, tourism, medicine, economics, education.


Caucasus University, Caucasus Tourism School (CTS) announces a competition for the positions of Associate Professor (2 vacancies) and Assistant Professor (5 vacancies) in the following areas:


Associate Professor


  • Information technologies in tourism (1 vacancy)
  • Transport industry in tourism (1 vacancy)


Assistant Professor

  • Tourism planning and location management (1 vacancy)
  • Ecotourism (1 vacancy)
  • Business communication (1 vacancy)
  • Tourism company management (1 vacancy)
  • Basics of marketing (1 vacancy)

Qualification requirements:


For an Associate Professor

A person with a doctorate or an equivalent degree in the relevant field with at least 3 years of scientific-pedagogical work will be selected as an associate professor for a term of 7 years.


For an Assistant Professor

A person with a doctorate or an equivalent academic degree in the relevant field will be selected as an assistant professor for a term of 4 years.


A qualified individual with a professional mark may be elected to the positions of Professor and Assistant Professor. In this case, professional experience, special training, and/or publications may be used to confirm the person's qualifications. A person with the necessary competence to produce the learning outcomes of the program is considered to have the relevant qualification. 


Personal qualities:


  • Responsible;
  • Fair and disciplined;
  • Sociable;
  • Creative;
  • Motivated;
  • The ability to convey and present knowledge;
  • The ability to communicate with the audience;
  • The ability to persuade and listen;
  • The ability to take an individual approach;
  • Analytical and logical thinking skills;
  • The ability to work both in a team and individually



Interested parties should submit:


  • Resume in Georgian and English (CV must include information on teaching and research)
  • Syllabus(es) of study course(s) in Georgian language;
  • A copy of an identity document;
  • Copies of education documentation (qualification and academic degree) (documents confirming possession of a doctorate/master's/bachelor's degree or equivalent academic degree)
  • Necessary documentation for authenticity of abroad thesis defense;
  • Complete information on articles, books, monographs or other scientific work, including: title, place of publication, date, number of pages and name of publisher, as well as copies of the outer cover (for the purpose of competition, publications of the last 5 years are particularly important);


The competition will be held in three stages:


Stage I - Sorting of submitted documents;

Stage II - Presentation/Interview;

Stage III - Summary of the competition.



Date of announcement of the competition: February 19, 2024;

Submissions: from March 19, 2024 - March 29, 2024;

Competition period: April 2024;

Venue of the competition: Tbilisi, Paata Saakadze #1;

Result publication period: April 2024;


For those interested, please forward the required documents to the following email address:, or you can submit them in printed form to the following location: Paata Saakadze #1, Personnel Management Department.


For more information, contact the Caucasus University Personnel Management Department at; T: 032 2377777.


Please indicate the job title in the subject field.


Based on the specified criteria, your resume may either not be considered for this particular job opening or might be retained for potential consideration for a different, suitable vacancy.


Caucasus University reserves the right to verify the information provided by you and will contact only those candidates who have successfully passed the first stage.


By submitting your resume, CV, for the advertised job position, you consent to Caucasus University processing the personal information provided by you, which may include sensitive data, in compliance with the law. Please be advised that your personal information will be used by our organization to facilitate decisions regarding a potential contract with you, including the formation of an employment arrangement.


Thank you for your interest in the vacancy and we wish you success!