CTS is pleased to announce a competition for the academic position of Professor

19 March 2020

Caucasus School of Tourism (CTS) is pleased to announce a competition for the academic position of Professor in the field of Tourism Economics. Number of vacancies - 1.


Qualification requirements for professor


A professor with a PhD or equivalent academic degree, with at least 6 years of scientific-pedagogical work and at least 8 years of practical experience in the relevant discipline is elected for a 6-year term in the relevant field.


A qualified person may be elected to the position of Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor by professional competence. In this case, the person's qualifications may be evidenced by professional experience, special training and/or publications. A person is considered appropriately qualified when they have the necessary competence to produce the learning outcomes under the program.


Personal qualities:


  • Responsible;
  • Fair and disciplined;
  • Sociable;
  • Has presentation skills;
  • Has the ability to think analytically and logically.


Interested parties must submit:


  • A resume in Georgian and English (CV – should include information on teaching and research)
  • A copy of ID;
  • Copies of education (qualification and academic degree) documentation (PhD/master's/bachelor's degree or equivalent), in case of PhD students - PhD certificate;
  • Documentation required for authentication in the case of overseas thesis defense;
  • Certificate confirming scientific-pedagogical activity and information on the workloads in other HEIs in the last year;
  • Complete information on articles, books, monographs or other scientific work, including: title, place of publication, date, number of pages and name of publisher, as well as copies of the outer cover (for the purpose of competition, publications of the last 5 (five) years are particularly important);
  • Certificates, awards and other documents;
  • Other documentation relevant to the criteria set for the academic/scientific post, professional experience.


The competition will be held in three stages:


Stage I - Sorting of submitted documents;

Stage II - Presentation/Interview;

Stage III - Summary of the competition.


Caucasus University reserves the right to verify the information you provide and only selected candidates who will pass the first stage successfully will be contacted at the second stage of the competition.


Announcement Date: March 19, 2020

Submissions: April 19, 2020 - April 23, 2020

Contest Period: April-May 2020

Address: Tbilisi, Paata Saakadze # 1

Publication of results: May 8, 2020


Interested parties, please send the required documents to the following e-mail address: hr@cu.edu.ge or in hard copy to Paata Saakadze # 1, Personnel Management Department.


For more information, contact the Caucasus University Personnel Management Department at hr@cu.edu.ge; Number: 032 2377777.


Please indicate the title of the relevant academic position and direction in the subject area!