Important News for Caucasus University Entrants


  • TOP 500 – education for free


In the case you are among top 500 entrants, your 4-year education at Caucasus University will be completely free! Keep in mind that in order to receive the University grant from its fund you need to select Caucasus University as your first choice.


  • CU grant – inner education grants for 4 year education


If you enroll at Caucasus School of Business, during four years you will receive a CU grant implemented by the university fund in the amount of 11 600 GEL, which will reduce the yearly cost of education by 2 900 GEL. If you enroll in Law (in Tbilisi), Journalism/Mass Communication and Public Relations, Architecture or Healthcare Management you will receive a four year grant in the amount of 8 000 GEL, which will reduce the yearly tuition fee by 2 000 GEL. If you enroll in IT and Electronic/Computer Engineering; Sociology and Psychology, Tourism or Economic programs you will receive a four year grant of 2 000 GEL, which will reduce the yearly cost by 500 GEL. Keep in mind that in order to receive the CU grant you need to select these programs as your first choice and to already have a state grant (100% and 70%).


  • CU campus – one of the most large-scale educational institutions with Infrastructure and modern equipment


  • New programs and new prices


See the  prices  of Bachelor’s degree programs of 2019-2020


Bachelor’s programs in Batumi


Caucasus University in Batumi now accepts students to the following Bachelor’s degree programs:


  • Law
  • Tourism Management
  • Economics


All the three programs in Batumi cost 2250 GEL. 100%, 70% and 50% grants are functional.


Why Caucasus University?


  • Quality of education – Practitioner lecturers, interactive lectures, teaching adjusted to the standards of the world leading modern universities.
  • Employment - Memoranda on career development and employment service in leading local and international companies, employment of graduates - 98%, employment spheres – private and public sectors.
  • Exchange programs – nearly 130 partner universities in 70 countries, exchange and double degree programs.




  • TOP 500
  • CU grant
  • Education vouchers