The Caucasus University offers novelties:


  • CU campus, which with its infrastructure and modern facilities is one of the most up-to-date campuses in Georgia and the whole Caucasus.
  • CU-grant – internal University grant for four years.
  • New programs and prices.


Bachelor’s Programs in Tbilisi and annual payments


* The annual price includes the national grant and the grant given by the CU Foundation.


If you enroll in Caucasus School of Business of Caucasus University you will be entitled to a four-year CU grant in the amount of 11, 600 GEL, which will reduce your annual payment by 2, 900 GEL. If you enroll in Caucasus School of Law (Tbilisi branch), Media, Governance, Architecture and Healthcare schools you will be entitled to a four-year CU grant in the amount of 8, 000 GEL, which will reduce your annual payment by 2,000 GEL. Remember that pre-conditions for obtaining the CU grant is having the state grant in the amount of 100% or 70% and having opted for the respective school as your number one or number two priority when applying for Universities.


Bachelor’s Programs in Batumi


Caucasus University in Batumi announces admission to the following Bachelor’s Programs:


  • Law
  • Tourism Management
  • Economics


The annual fee for all the programs in Batumi is 2, 250 GEL. Students can obtain the state grant of 100%, 70% and 50%.


Annual payments in Batumi



Why the Caucasus University?


  • The major priority at Caucasus University is a high level of education, which means synthesis of the programs of the leading American and European Universities and the western standard tailored to the Georgian reality; the faculty are professionals working for most successful companies;
  • We get employment for our graduates – Student’s Employment Office of Caucasus University helps its students and graduates to find employment in any private companies and public organizations. Currently Georgia is managed by Caucasus University;
  • Caucasus University is the leader with its exchange programs. According to the figures of the International Departments, the University operates exchange programs with almost 130 partner universities in 70 countries: the CU students get education anywhere around the world;
  • Waivers: 30%, 50% and 100% waivers for the top three students of each school.