Caucasus University Delegation Visits Iran

23 February 2020

On February 22, Caucasus University President,  Kakha Shengelia and university officials met in Tehran, at the International Halal Tourism Organization.


The meeting was attended by Dr. Mohammad Sharif Malekzadeh - Former Vice President of Iran, Founder and Head of The organization, Dr. Davood - Representative of the Ministry of Education of Iran, Director of Scientific Relations of Georgia and Iran, Dr. Ali Reza Fadaye Watan - Rector of Azad University Oxford and Dubai Branch.


Future cooperation with the Ministry of Education of Iran and Azad University were planned at the meeting, which envisages creation of common programs and increase of student exchange programs, in the framework of which Iranian students will continue their studies in Georgia.


Work meetings continue on Kish Island, where an IAUP office is planned to open.