The Caucasus University encourages and promotes our alumni’s lifelong engagement with the Alma Mater, its programs, projects, and students. Our university is the best platform for creating and supporting self-governing independent institutions that strive for the common success of the humanity where open, innovative, based on justice and equality society is cherished.


The Caucasus University is dedicated to the common social development. Therefore, the Caucasus University opened Alumni Relations Office that will foster and strengthen the lifelong connection with our alumni.




  • Integrity & Accountability: Honesty, Dignity and Credibility.
  • Respect & Stewardship: Truthfulness, Courtesy and Openness.
  • Fostering a Community of Belonging & Responsiveness: Inclusiveness, Home Coming and Appreciation.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork & Continuous Improvement: Collegiality, Togetherness and Creativity.




The Caucasus University, through Alumni Relations Office activities is committed to:


  • Foster ways in which alumni can increasingly interact and collaborate with other alumni, students, faculty, and staff;
  • Create opportunities to engage alumni with each other and alma mater and raise the prominence of the Caucasus University and its alumni;
  • Engage Alumni in community service to be supportive volunteers and benefactors of the Caucasus University;
  • Promote an inclusive culture of alumni engagement and philanthropy;
  • Sustain and grow a diversified and stable financial model;
  • Implement best practices of leadership;
  • Increase the number of active alumni, renew old friendships, and create new ones;
  • Create career opportunities;
  • Support the Caucasus University in maintaining its legacy of excellence in education;
  • Support the Caucasus University in the worldwide collaboration and establishing contacts with the leading Universities and other relevant entities;
  • Create a scholarship fund to help deserving and needy Caucasus University students get access to the higher education;
  • Align the activities of all alumni organizations to the strategic plan of the Caucasus University.