About CU

The history of Caucasus University (CU) began in 1998, when the US Government via a grant from the Eurasia Foundation and the US Information Agency (USIA), in cooperation with Georgia State University (GSU), funded the Caucasus School of Business (CSB) and introduced the first western style business education in Georgia. Caucasus University was established in the year 2004, on the basis of Caucasus School of Business.


Nowadays, CU has ten schools: Business, Law, Media, Technology, Architect and Design, Governance, Humanities and Social Sciences, Tourism, Medicine and Healthcare Management, Economics and Education, and provides a high quality, world class education through a combination of well-designed curricula and exceptional faculty with academic credentials and practical experience necessary for delivering an outstanding education.


CU is one of the most prominent Higher Education Institutions in Georgia and Eastern Europe. We are committed to developing and enhancing international teaching and research partnerships. Innovation and internationalization of the university are at the core of the strategic goals that we have defined for the coming years. The University recognizes the requirements of the global education market and supports the strengthening of international experience in educational programs, including mobility of students’ joint educational programs and international cooperation within research projects. Since its establishment, the Caucasus University has been collaborating with various universities around the world, with current 207 partners in 61 countries. We are striving to create organizational and corporate linkages, and explore innovative ways to connect our students and projects with relevant universities, companies, professionals and experts.