Armwrestling Championship for CU Students

26 February 2024

On February 26, at 12:00, the Caucasus University Arm Wrestling Championship for CU students will take place in the conference hall of the university.


Game format:

  • The championship will feature individual competitions for both boys and girls. 
  • Participants will compete in three weight categories: 60, 70, and 80+ kilograms. 
  • All participants will undergo on-site weighing to determine their final weight. 
  • The competition will be further divided into subcategories based on the right and left hand. 
  • The competitors will arm wrestle until one achieves two wins, and in case of a tie, an additional third round will be scheduled.
  • In addition, see the game rules in the attached document.


All participants must bring an ID card with them during registration.


  • Participants who secure the first, second, and third places will receive prizes, 
  • The participant in first place will be presented with a trophy.


Those interested in participating can register by 18:00 on February 22.


Good luck!