23 June 2022

Caucasus University Jean Monnet Center of Excellence for EU Policy Transposition (EUPOLTRANS) will conduct an intensive high-level training on “EU Policy Transposition in Georgia” (July 21-23, Batumi).


Training course will cover following topics: environment, consumer protection, competition policy, labor, public administration, foreign and security policy. The course will also introduce participants to the EU institutions and policies from a historical and contemporary perspective and explain EU decision-making mechanism via simulation exercise.


This training course is designed for public servants, the representatives of media and civil society as well as students (upper level BA, MA or PHD), whose professional activities are related to either of the following issues:


  • Georgia’s aspirations and the EU integration process;
  • Implementing obligations under the EU-Georgia Association Agreement;
  • Coverage of EU integration process;
  • Research of EU and EU integration processes.


Detailed information about the course can be found in the attached booklet.


To participate, please register online.


Selection results will be notified to the applicant on July 18.