Creative dialogue: "Dialects - Tributaries joining the River" (example of Georgia and Ukraine)

3 April 2023

A creative dialogue - "Dialects - Flowing Streams in the Mother River" (example of Georgia and Ukraine) will be held on April 3 at 15:00 in the Caucasus University conference hall.


The event will be led by: Eter (Etero) Tataraidze - poet, professor (Georgia); Natalia Trokhim - writer and translator (Ukraine)

Moderator: Prof. Mariam Manjgaladze


Georgian and Ukrainian authors Eter (Etero) Tataraidze and Natalia Trokhim will talk about the importance of dialect vitality; Why was the phrase "Dialects - Tributaries joining the River" born? What does the dialectal mosaic of Georgia and Ukraine tell us? How to preserve dialect diversity? What can each of us do to preserve dialect diversity?


The authors will create dolls based on the dialect motifs of the Georgian and Ukrainian languages.


The event is part of the project "I love Georgian - my state language!", the author of which is the professor of Caucasus University - Mariam Manjgaladze. The project was successfully implemented in Vilnius University, Lithuania, on April 14, 2016, and since then, it has been held every year at Caucasus University in various interesting formats.


Those who wish to participate should register via the link.