2022 School Student Scientific Conferences of Caucasus University

22 November 2021


  1. A) Selection of the best scientific papers imbued with original ideas for the development of the country;
  2. B) Representation of young people with scientific potential.


Students of all three levels at Caucasus University, bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral will participate in school student scientific conferences.

Conferences will be held in the following schools:

Caucasus School of Business - May 28

Caucasus School of Law - May 21

Caucasus School of Media - May 18

Caucasus School of Technology - May 27

Caucasus School of Governance - May 23

Caucasus School of Humanities and Social Sciences-May 30-31

Caucasus School of Tourism - May 24

Caucasus School of Medicine and Healthcare Management - May 19-20

Caucasus School of Economics - May 25

School of Education -17 May

See the appendices needed to register for the conference and prepare the conference talk.

Caucasus University School Conference Schedule.

 American Psychological Association Academic Style Guide.