Lectures for Master's Degree Applicants

24 October 2019

Caucasus University provides master's degree applicants with an opportunity to attend lectures.


Sign up on the link and attend any of these lectures:


* Number of seats is limited; we will contact you according to registration time.


** Note that you can attend one particular course no more than once.


Caucasus University gives you an opportunity to receive a CU grant that provides 50% funding of the full cost of the program.


There are two ways to obtain a CU grant:

  • If you are/will be a graduate of any university Bachelor's program and have total average (GPA) of 3.5 and above from a Bachelor's degree program
  • If you accumulate more than 90,000 grant points in any type of tests (A, B, C) in the Magistrate Exams.


If you meet either of these conditions, you will be able to apply for a grant and get funding.


For detailed information on Masters Programs please see the link.