25 May 2023

On May 24, within the framework of the European Mental Health Week, a public lecture on the topic "Thought-oriented living as a precursor to mental health (on the example of Viktor Frankl's life and work)” was held in the Caucasus University bookstore "Librarea".


The lecture was led by psychologist, logotherapist with international accreditation, president of logotherapy and existential analysis association (Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine) Nino Berdznishvili.


The lecture discussed the life and scientific work of Viktor Frankl, the founder of the third psychological school in Vienna, the basic principle of logotherapy and the basics of a thought-oriented life.


Caucasus University celebrates the European Mental Health Week within the framework of the ERASMUS + CBHE institutional development project “Establishment of Psychological Counseling Centers at Georgian HEIs for Students (E-PSY)” funded by the European Union. The goal of the project is to establish psychological counseling centers for students in higher educational institutions of Georgia, including Caucasus University, and to develop official documents for decision-makers (representatives of the Georgian government, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia) in order to raise public awareness of mental health and draw attention to the importance of student psychological counseling in Georgian higher educational institutions.