Erasmus+ CBHE Projects - RURD and SQUARE Cross Project Event in Zugdidi

7 July 2022




On June 16, Shota Meskhia Zugdidi State Teaching University hosted the Cross Project Event of thetwo ERASMUS+ CBHE projects: Strengthening the Quality and Relevance of the 3rd mission inGeorgian Universities – SQUARE and Role of Universities in the Regional Development – RURD.


The event was organized to tighten the bond through sharing common views and outcomes. Participants attended the presentation about the Role of Institutional Evaluation in Realization of University Mission, as well as discussed aims and outcomes, achieved results of the RURD and SQUARE projects. During the meeting, cross project cooperation possibilities and future cooperation plans were also discussed. From Caucasus University, Director of International Relations and Projects Department Irena Melua, Deputy Director Ketevan Karbaia, and Head of Research and Data Analysis Office, Matsatso Tepnadze attended the meeting.


These projects aiming to the development of Georgian higher education system and society as well, partially share the goals in terms of strengthening the societal impact of HEIs of Georgia.


The aim of the RURD project is to make Georgian regional HEIs more relevant to the communities and regions they are located and to serve as a basis for regional development.


The purpose of the SQUARE project is to improve the quality and relevance of the third mission of universities, which involves increasing the role of universities in the socio-economic development of society.