The International Summer School of the European Law Faculty Association (ELFA)

30 June 2023

On June 26-30, lectures were held at the International Summer School of the European Law Faculty Association (ELFA) "Modern Features of Human Rights Protection in the Countries of Three Seas", in which the lecturer of the Schools of state management and law at Caucasus University - Mr. Levan Meskhoradze participated. During the interactive lectures, Mr. Levan spoke about the international human rights protection system tete-a-tete to international conflicts and the enforcement of international human rights standards at the local level.


 Experts from Georgia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, and Latvia participated in the lectures of the International Summer School. During the sessions, the speakers shared knowledge on prominent issues such as the development of the European human rights system, the implementation of international human rights standards, modern challenges in the digitalization process, etc.


The International Summer School of the ELFA is a joint project of the Baltic International Academy (Latvia) and the University of Bialystok (Poland) and its main goal is to raise awareness about various mechanisms and challenges of human rights at national and international levels. The Summer School aroused great interest among participants from 20 countries, who appreciated the lectures, emphasizing in particular the significance and interactivity of Mr. Levan Meskhoradze lectures.