Grant Competition Strategic Partnerships in Response to the Covid-19 Challenge

17 September 2020

Within the framework of the Erasmus + program, a project competition was announced "Strategic Partnerships in Response to the Covid-19 Challenge". The competition is open to applications for two projects:


  • Innovative practices in the digital age
  • Competence development and inclusion through art and creative ways.


Georgian higher education institutions have the opportunity to be a member/partner of the project consortium. The project coordinator/applicant should be an organization from EU countries, north Macedonia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein.


The duration of the project should be from 12 to 24 months.


If you are interested in submitting a project application, if you have well-thought-out project partners, please contact the International Relations and Projects Department to provide your support in leading the next steps.


The application deadline is October 29, 2020 (12 noon Brussels time).


For more information, please see the attached file and visit the link.


Good luck!