Lectures within the Jean Monnet Module Spring Semester, 2023

14 March 2023


Lectures within the Jean Monnet Module Spring Semester, 2023



In 2022, the Jean Monnet Module "EUropeanization of law programs in Georgia" 101084764 — EU-LP-GE) of the Caucasus University (namely the Caucasus Law School) was granted the support from the European Commission.   


The Modele is led by professors Ekaterine Kardava and Guranda Chelidze


Within the module, in the spring semester of 2023:


  • On March 11 and March 13, 3-hour lectures on "European Union Law and European Union Policy" was held in two groups for the students of the BA Law program, in particular, for the students registered for the subject of Georgian Constitutional Law. Totally 92 students attended the lectures.


 The lecture touched the following topics:


  • EU formation and Enlargement;
  • EU values;
  • European and Europeanization;
  • the essence of European integration and the political criteria of Copenhagen, including democracy, rule of law;
  • Summary, purpose and impact of article 78 of the Constitution of Georgia on the progress of Georgian law and politics.


The lecture/teaching on BA Law Program was delivered by Professor Guranda Chelidze.


  • On February 13, mandatory full-course lectures on the subject "Association agreement, legal approximation and law-making" (total 26 contact hours, 13 lectures) began for students of the MA Law program. Lectures are delivered in two groups (totally 52 contact hours). Lecture days are Tuesday and Thursday (two groups), at 00 o’clock. 44 students are registered for the course. It is a mandatory course.


The course will finish on June, 2023. Two exams (midterm and final), one homework (individual work) and 5 seminars are envisaged in the framework of the course.


The teaching course on MA Law program is led by the professor of Caucasus University, Ekaterine Kardava.